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Good to know that they took such good care of you. If my 5 weight ever breaks I will expect the same service from them...not that I think it ever will, unless I land on it as I am falling into the river (won't be the first time).

By the way, I hear so many Orvis haters on this site ranting about how overpriced/undervalued their stuff is and I wonder where they get this crap...since all the other brands charge you the same arm and a leg for good quality stuff. Please, don't give me any stories about how a garbage Fred Meyer rod and reel combo is better than my Orvis setup because you saved so much money - do you really think Fred Meyer will do anything for you if it breaks? How about the manufacturer of the rod? They don't care if your stuff gets taken care of in a timely manner. I'm sure it will get fixed some day...hope you don't need it for about 12 months.

Bottom line Orvis Haters: Orvis is expensive...too expensive. But so are all the companies that sell gear to the flyfishing market. At least with Orvis you know you are getting customer service you can depend on, the same reason a lot of people insist on tires from Les Schwab. Let me be clear - I love the cheap rod/reel combos at Fred Meyer, Wal Mart, and GI Joes...but I don't ever expect the same quality and service.

Any don't have any misconceptions, my Orvis really is better than your Sage and will catch more quality fish. And I will look better casting. Hahahahahahah
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