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Our man, Boot shines again!

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I'm tootin' Boots horn because he's too humble to do so :thumb:

For those of you who have enjoyed the writings of our brother, Wadin' Boot over the years, you'll be pleased to know that he has earned some high marks for his literary prowess by winning the 2010 Rusty Gates Memorial Honorable Mention Story • Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award presented by Fly Rod & Reel

His entry, The Marble Run, can be seen here:


This comes just two years after he brought home the grand prize in 2008, which featured illustrations by another WFF great, Yuhina!

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Awesome! Congrats Boot.
That's sweet. Congratulations!! I'll help honk your horn...'toot, toot'! Nicely done.
I read that story right here 4/17/2010, on WFF, as a tribute to our military men and women. It, the story, and Boot. only got the recognition they truly deserve.

Thanks again Boot, congratulations.

Most excellent news. Congrats Mr. Wadin' Boot.
Well done, sir!
Nice going Boot! I always enjoy your posts. You and Itchy are the coolest heads here. (Along with a few others anyway.)
Mr. Boot, you are seriously an excellent writer.
Always enjoy his work.. Congrats Boot :thumb:
Thanks all. Nothing more here to see. Time to move on.
Boot, you the man.
Two thumbs ups
Pants on the back
im gonna name my boy BOOTS', love that name. oh yeah, congrats to ya, ya literary genius you!!
There are some things about Boot that you people do not realize.................in addition to the great work he posts here, he is also an award-winning author of children's books. Some of the best-selling titles in his lauded 'Boys Will Be Boys' series include "Little Hans The Frisky Glans" and "Silly Sammy The Sassy Scrotum".

Boot also wrote a much-revered women's awareness book years ago that was plagiarized and he won millions in his lawsuit against the author and publisher. The bitch that stole his book (and didn't even try very hard to hide it, thinking that her very "chickness" would sway Oprah's book club panel enough to cover her crime) barely even re-titled it! She called her swiped version 'The Vagina Monologues', and Boot's original was the aptly named 'Box Talk'.
Mingo, although I'm having trouble finding a publisher for the Scoutmaster and Priest series of Hardy boys style mysteries, I continue to work on the Mangina Monologues. The guys in that one (Bingo, Bitchy Dog, Chris Scoones, Subalpine Trout, Bryant Gumbles among others) are a minor league Class A ball team. They are uniformly awful, lose every game etc. They ride in a magic short bus driven by a man-hating socially-intolerant witch hell bent on ruining the guys and their special bonds. That character, sort of a wildly hirsute Ann Coulter on steroids, poisons the players, stealing their testosterone, turning them lumpy, like Bob Paulson from Fight Club. All of the men slowly become completely enamored with both bunting and nymphing. In the face of adversity though, they become stronger. They meet a flying unicorn while playing an exhibition match against a travelling Cuban street-urchin team. Duringt he Seventh inning stretch the unicorn leads them back into a field of corn just beyond the outfiled that ends at the most fantastic steelhead river where they recover with the help of bikini hatches and Jerry D's regiments of Dutch oven food and Ive's wood fired pizzas and fried crappie fillets. Meanwhile the Cubans, sensing an opportunity to seek asylum, steal the bus and inherit the curse...damn I'm giving it away again'
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Great story really deserves the award Although I did not read the other entries. I have some interesting anticdotes for this story, Finlayson mentioned being from Tucson ( a terrible place to have to grow up) he was probably ruined for live over that lol. And I would point out one discrepency about the fishing in Phoenix that he mentioned did not exsist. In truth there is "almost" no phishing in Phx lol. Of course I am kidding. Great story
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