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This boat is brand new - still in box with warranty papers, etc. New model - it arrived less than a month ago. Pontoons haven't even been inflated. Has built in motor mount and anchor system, 7' oars etc.

It's a great boat, but there's not enough of a gap between my 11' Puma and Watermaster to justify keeping it (or so says the wife ;) ).

Soooo . . . . my mistake is your opportunity! This boat lists for $899 -$945 on most inet sites I found.

I'll sell for $700 OBO

I do not want to ship, so please be in the Seattle/Everett area or be willing to drive. :)



Outcast Discovery 9 IR Pontoon Boat
The Discovery 9-IR offers better performing pontoons and an enhanced rower's position making this versatile boat even better. The pontoons are patterned after the highly successful PAC 900 with greater rise then before making fin kicking and rowing more efficient. With 18/26 ounce PVC outer fabric on the boats, the heavier material is placed where it is needed most, on the bottom. With rowing as the main propulsion system, the geometry of the rower's position has been changed to make it more comfortable. Comfort and better performance are hard to pass up when it is affordably priced like the Discovery 9-IR.

Inflated Size: 50" x 9'
Weight: 69 lbs.
Frame: 6-pc Aluminum
Air Cell Type: Vinyl
Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
Seams: Thermal Welded Warranty: 5 Year

Fabric Denier
600 PVC
1200 PVC
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