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Outdoor Pranks and Jokes

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OK, here is my story ...

I will be renting a cabin in the Methow Valley in July, with an assortment of family members. They are not exactly "outdoor people," so I am planning to pull a number of outdoor pranks on them. Here is one that I have used before, and it is a great way to mess with outdoor naivete:

Purchase a box of Milk Duds ahead of time. It is important that the pieces of candy are not melted melted together.

Just before you are about to pull the prank, you discreetly open the box of Milk Duds, and gently pour them into a pile on the ground (preferably in a grassy spot). You must place the candies in a spot where everybody will be able to see them, like next to the fire pit, or near the patio. The idea is to make them look like fresh deer droppings ...

You casually notice the fresh deer droppings, and point them out to the inexperienced guests. You say, " Look at these fresh deer droppings from last night. I wonder if they are from a mule deer or a whitetail deer? Do any of you know how to tell?" You pause, then, " I once heard that you can tell if it is mule deer droppings because they taste sweet when they are fresh, and whitetail dropping are not sweet." You appear pensive, uncertain. "I want to know what kind of deer was right here last night, so I am going to check it out." And you reach down, and hesitantly put one of the milk duds in your mouth. "It was a mule deer, these are sweet. Anyone else want to try?"

I am not sure where I learned this prank, it may have even been on this Forum. The story you tell can be adjusted or modified to fit many circumstances (e.g. moose, elk, coyote, whatever) As I said, it is a fun gag, especially when they don't laugh ... :rofl:

I am calling on the collective brain trust that frequents this Forum, what other pranks have you pulled? I would like to be armed with a few more for this upcoming trip ...

Bonefish Jack
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I was out camping and fishing with some dumbass buddies once, and started in talking about bigfoot around the campfire at night. After a while, I got up to go pee, and discretely took my 44 (loaded with really hot 250 gr pig loads). After getting behind a BIG tree (remember that those guys are dumbasses) I start hollering bloody murder and firing the 44. the flash was about three feet long in the pitch black and I could see the idiots running around the fire scared shitless. It was great!!!!!!!!!
I would hire some kids or wee little people to dress up as ewoks and emerge from the woods in the early dusk.

Then, I would proceed to get them all drunk (only if they weren't kids) and party down - with ewoks - in the woods.

Man, I don't if there'd be anything better than that.

Battery operated air inflatable, the kind that dance around. Dark, in the distance through filtered trees, able to put on a timer or remote. Now that would put the heebie jeebies into folks that have been sitting around telling stories about sasquatch in the woods trying to act like they are comfortable and at one with nature. Tape recorded squeals like pigs being chased, blood curtling screams, sounds of heavy breathing, footsteps, twigs and limbs cracking. Take a hike with a heavy pack and record your breathing, stomping and breaking through stuff, pipe that into or near the cabin, even escalating in volume as if whatever it was is heading right at you all from the rivers edge...also could give them the shivers.

Search here about posts with Bigfoot or Sasquatch, there have been some really interesting ones that if played right would scare the crap out of lots of folks. You are truly evil, I dig that.
Go back and watch "Blair Witch Project", lots of good ideas in there too!
My son and I made up a story while taking a few of his friends up backpacking in the Olympics when they were 12 and 14 year olds. When asked what those holes were in the ground (marmot) we proclaimed they were "Mountain Pythons" so be careful and avoid those. And for sure don't put your hand near any of those holes. The story goes on and on and you can really get those kids thinking.
I am not sure where I learned this prank, it may have even been on this Forum.
Pat Mcmanus wrote it :) He used choclate covered raisins though.

The BEST is a remote controll electronic predator call. Cougar screaming right at first light will do it :eek: Move the speaker and play something else later.
Warning. You have to plan carefully for unexpected results. When I was a kid, my buddy and I were camped out in a wall tent next to his cabin in the Catskills in New York. This was in the 50's and we had just seen Disney's Davey Crockett. In that one, the movie ended with ole Davey swinging his trusty musket by the barrel and taking on the whole Mexican army. Anyway, after we had gone to bed thinking of black bears, Larry's dad had to visit the outhouse. Shortly after that, we were startled into "fully awake"--you know, putting on the Keds really fast in the dark--by a low growl coming from a creature that was scratching on the side of the tent. While Larry quietly untied the ribbons holding the tent opening, I did a Davey with my Daisy air rifle. As I connected with the paw of the critter on the other side of the tent wall, we heard a tremendous roar and both of us bolted into the cabin. Thankfully, we were smart enough to lock the door behind us.
Snipe hunt.
I have a good hunting buddy and he tells of when he first moved to Bellingham from Illinois. He got to know some guys from the gun club and they kept talking about taking him up to their cabin for a special hunt. He suspected a "snipe hunt" and while hunting pheasant at Lake Terrell he flushed a couple snipe and shot them. He put them away in the freezer and when the day came for his trip to the cabin he took them along. Sure enough, when it got dark they put him in the woods and started beating the bush to drive thee snipe to him. He let off a couple rounds from his shotgun. When his buddies got to him they asked what he was shooting at. He said he wasn't sure, but did these birds look like the snipe he was supposed to shoot. Took the guys quite a while to figure that one out! Rick
There is a utube vidio out there somewhere in which some guys put a full mount cougar in a guys tent. When he went to bed after what looked like many hours around the camp fire and a proportionate amount of whisky he almost had a heart attack. Best one I ever saw. W
I wont say the names of the persons I've done this too, but I like to put things in my buddies travel bags, like enema's, lubricants, waxing strips etc. Then if they notice it make a big deal of it saying what the hell are you planning? Better if their wife of girlfriends find it.
Many years ago, a buddy and I would hunt deer in Utah way the the hell out and back.
One year we got saddled with a no-hunting, pain in the ass relative of his that more or less invited himself.
So, we are WAY out in the "boonies" on less than four wheel drive access setting up camp while he's doing squat and it starts to snow.
My friend and I do the 'wink-wink" thing and start saying how "bad" the sky looks and maybe we shouldn't have strayed so far from a real beaten path. The more we comment on the weather, the more nervous this guy is getting.
It snows harder and he's even more freaked and starts wanting to go. We remarked about the guys who perished in this vicinity during a snowstorm a few years ago.
When we started dividing the food into individual daily rations, he started to cry!
I am going to love this thread. I like simple. Just jumping out and yelling is good to scare the piss out of someone. Fake snakes will get the job done as well. My mom is terrified of snakes. I almost caught a beating when I was a kid by throwing one on her in a very crowded toy store.
How about going on a simple hike. Stopping frequently to look around cautiously as if you have seen something, just enough to really get their attention. Then make a point to do a few hamstring and quad stretches as if readying for the chase. Dropping catch phrases like I don't have to be the fastest of the group, just faster than you. Even asking someone who is carrying a particular item if you can carry that for them...might be needing that in a little while...just to make them think.
Outdoor Pranks and Jokes - the Myspace girlfriend joke.

My favorite prank was when my friends and I created a fake MySpace account (so this was about 5 years ago) of a moderately good looking chick (one of our cousins), and started an online flirtation with one of the other buds who was going to go on this particular camping trip with us. Of course this girl is located in the town nearest our camping spot. First, we got him to go on and on telling us his deepest feelings, and basically being a total pussy. Then, of course he is trying to set up a chance to "hang out" with this girl at our campout. Once the hooks were good and deep and the e-mail chain sufficiently long and embarrassing, and he has sent about 50 pathetic glamor shots, we get on there with the "THIS IS JANINE'S HUSBAND, YOU POS. . . " and a bunch of stuff about how he is going to kill him, rip his dick off etc. A few days later we send another e-mail from a different address, but from the same cyber-girl with a picture of this crazy looking neo-nazi guy saying, if he see's the guy in the picture that he should get to safety ASAP.

Now you all can probably predict that the crazy neo-nazi looking guy is a friend of a friend, a zany, born-again xstian, that looks like a complete psychopath. And he really is, he will turn every comment or statement into a Jesus thing. He and the friend really do live in the nearby town. The set up was so perfect. 2nd day camping, and we all decide to go to the bar, but the sucker/buddy is resistant. He is like "Naw, lets just go to that little store and buy some beer, ahh hell, I'll buy all the beer." Had we realized this we should have planned for the meeting on the 3rd or 4th day, we could have got all that free beer. Anyways, we go into the bar, and predictably he is posted up way back in the dark corner, almost too timid to order his next drink.

On cue the "psychopath" walks into the bar. . . . Everyone is trying to non-chalantly watch our bud in the corner. He is sitting in the corner with his head turned towards the wall, staring at the other wall 5 inches away from his nose. I am pretty sure he was considering hiding under the table. It was the ultimate reward for 2 hard months of setup. Guy was on the verge of tears, and so I walked within whisper range. He whispers: "Duuuude sit down, NOW", and I say "Why? What is wrong with you tonight?". I sit down and he is like "That guy with the neck tatoo is going to kill me if you don't get me out of here. I am dead serious." I say "Do you know him?" instand red face from buddy, and he just lets it go"I had a 2 month online relationship with his wife, and he found out." I led him on for a long time, getting him to give me all the details, and then pschopath "sees" him in the corner and just gets this nasty snarl on his lips and makes a bee line for buddy.

Our poor buddy jumps up and starts yelling "LOOK MAN I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS MARRIED, YOU SHOULD BLAME HER FOR STARTING THE RELATIONSHIP, I AM SO SORRY!" and he is shaking now, his face is all blotchy, eyes are wet, but I don't think he drank enough to piss himself. The 'psychopath' handed him a Tootsie Pop sucker. Then we all just fell out laughing, by then the bartender and 50% of the yokuls were in on the joke.

We all went back to our campout a little after that, and the joke was partially on us because that born again really was a psychopath who was annoying to the point that we were ready to drown him in the river. Later on when we were all partially lit, or mostly lit, our buddy asked if that cousin would be interested in him. Of course we had all the dialogue printed out to rub in his face throughout the weekend.

That was a great practical joke.
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a deer hair mouse with the hook removed and some 6 pound tipit on a cabin floor.
Shortly after I started dating the girl who is now my wife, we took our two dogs out for a walk along an abandoned logging road that went back into the weeds for a few miles. It was pretty overgrown with lots of second growth forest, salmonberry, downed alder and stuff. (Really my dog and I were scouting for grouse in the alder thickets without telling her). Her dog was a big 5 year old malamute cross and my bird dog was a 4 year old chessie in her prime who wouldn’t have thought twice about facing down anything that threatened me. With 180lbs of dog with us there should be nothing to worry about. Right? About 3 miles into the woods, we stop for lunch and as we are sitting there chatting we hear a lot of brush getting broken, branches snapping, as something large is moving through the woods (there are a few elk out there). She hadn’t spent much time in the woods so she was pretty naive at the time. We all heard it, dogs are growling, hackles raised, she’s getting scared and clingy and of course a little light bulb goes off in my head saying “this could be funny”. But the set-up has to be just right. So I say “its probably a bear or a cougar, maybe we should head back”. We pick up our stuff and I grab a few rocks and stuff them in my pockets, saying we need them “just in case we have to fend it off”. So we start walking back towards the truck and every so often I’ll walk backwards like I am watching our back trail, trying to look anxious. When she’s not looking, I toss a rock into the brush, which sets off the dogs barking and growling again. We walk some more and I do it again. Same result, now she is getting freaked out and scared. I pick up a big stick and give it to her saying it might help her defend herself, and telling her “don’t worry about me, just get yourself and the dogs out of here if anything happens”. We walk some more, with me constantly watching our back trail which freaks her out even more. All of a sudden I toss another rock into the brush about 10 yards behind us, the dogs start barking like crazy and I run backwards past her screaming “jesus f*cking christ, run! Get out of here!” I swear she levitated for about 3 seconds before covering 100 yards in about 10 seconds flat beating through the brush like it wasn’t there. I could barely run for laughing so hard. When she finally caught on she whacked me a few times with the stick, punched me on the arms a few times and finally burst out laughing even though she was still crying and shaking like a leaf from the adrenaline rush. And that’s partly why I married her, because being able to laugh at yourself is priceless. Needless to say, I didn’t get laid that night.
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Great one Skeena!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
Literally LMAO.
Scaring the shit out of your woman in the woods = 100% guaranteed locked vajayjay and a lonely weenus that night....................
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