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Anyone have the scoop on Padden? Fished it last evening for the first time with my Dad and all we accounted for was a 6" large mouth...which I didn't know they had in there...after releasing I sort of wondered if I shouldn't of done that? Nothing I've read about this lake says anything of bass.

We mostly trolled, didn't see any surface activity, the guys on shore caught a few on bait off the bottom.

Any help on productive flies or methods would be great!

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What Matt said.

It's a real shame to see the state of this pretty little lake. It was such an awesome resource for trout anglers. Now it seems destined to be a mediocre resource for panfish anglers. If I ever find the guys who keep introducing bass and perch into our lowland trout lakes, I'd like to introduce my boot into their asses.
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