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Anyone have the scoop on Padden? Fished it last evening for the first time with my Dad and all we accounted for was a 6" large mouth...which I didn't know they had in there...after releasing I sort of wondered if I shouldn't of done that? Nothing I've read about this lake says anything of bass.

We mostly trolled, didn't see any surface activity, the guys on shore caught a few on bait off the bottom.

Any help on productive flies or methods would be great!

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Yup, there are bass in Padden -- rumor has it they got in the lake from the golf course ponds and proceeded to munch on all the hexes, so what was (from what I've heard anyway) an outstanding trout fishing experience throwing giant mayfly imitations is no more. I would imagine this would be a tough time to catch trout there - and if you do it'll be tough on them. The lake usually fishes well the first couple of months after the opener and then again in the fall (though the numbers are pretty seriously reduced from the spring by all the harvest).
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