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Anyone have the scoop on Padden? Fished it last evening for the first time with my Dad and all we accounted for was a 6" large mouth...which I didn't know they had in there...after releasing I sort of wondered if I shouldn't of done that? Nothing I've read about this lake says anything of bass.

We mostly trolled, didn't see any surface activity, the guys on shore caught a few on bait off the bottom.

Any help on productive flies or methods would be great!

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Hey Andrew,

The lake is really warm right now. I know because I swim around the lake a couple times a week. The surface temps are such that the fish will be hanging out deep.

Try a full sinking line. Also I have encountered some colder spots at the west end of the lake a 100 plus yards off the dock. I think it may be a spring. Try over there. Good luck and try not to catch any swimmers.
Cool Story Uncle Chris. I didnt know padden was used as a water supply.

Padden still has a surprising amount of fish. Most of the planters have been caught, but with water starting to cool here in the fall, the cutthroat will become more active. Padden also has kokanee which you can watch spawn in the feeder creeks later in the year.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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