I have a pant-load of reels I bought at an estate, along with rods and other FFing stuff. (This wasn’t a fire sale; the seller knew what he had, but I did get everything for a reasonable price.)

I want to sell what I’m not going to use and just pay myself back for the money I spent and keep a few items.

First the reels…

I looked at average sold prices on Fleabay, reduced that price and am including FREE CONUS SHIPPING, All prices include CONUS shipping. I can accept Zelle or a personal check and welcome local pick up in Bethel, CT.

My descriptions are thorough, I think, but if you’re serious and want to see photos, email me at [email protected]. Email me at [email protected]. I’m rating the condition of the reels on a 1 out of 10 scale. Let me know if my prices are out of line.

1… Orvis CFO IV Reel w/ Original Case. Made In England. Plus extra spool and case. Free Cortland 444 DT5F line. Extra spool is not marked Orvis but fits and works perfectly. Did Hardy make a similar reel/spool? 8 out of 10. Free CONUS Shipping! 275 bux.

5…J Ryall No. 6. Excellent reel with sealed, train-stopping drag. With J Ryall bag. Two tiny nicks. Includes and unidentified line—I’d guess at WF6F. 9out of 10. Free CONUS Shipping! 200 bux.

6…Scientific Anglers System Two 7/8 with unidentified line and cloth bag. I used one of these (not this particular one) for years for Great Lakes Steelhead. I never understood why these don’t sell for more. Dings. 6 out of 10. Free CONUS Shipping! 50 bux.

7…Vosseler RC2L Made in Germany. Super nice machining with LL Bean foam pouch. Some scratches. 7 out of 10. Free CONUS Shipping! $100.

Later I'll list a Winston LT, a Sage DS2 and a Hardy graphite rod and a Regal vice and a Simms L vest.

Thank you.