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Pass Lake this weekend?

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Looks like I'm actually going to have a free weekend coming up. So a trip to Pass seems in order.

Any recent visits? Any information to share?

Anyone one else interested in going up too...?
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Don't have any current intel. I'll check with some of the local club guys and get back to you. I can go Sunday but have a match on Sat.
Hey Roper,
Overall very fishable with a bit of work. Surface is low 60ish. It's in that window where the good part of the callibaetis are done but damsels are just getting going. They're out but I haven't seen them swarming the shoreline yet. I'm seeing lots of minnow activity right up against...some movement in there but the fish aren't exactly stacked...those were clear days though.

Mid-day/early afternoon, then again at mid-eve are best. Mostly 16-18" RB's, good fat and still lots of energy, really fun once hooked. Brownies are a mixed bag of 10-12" stockers and a generation of 16-18ers. Some 20+ but very few showing at the moment. But you'll see most or all rainbows.

They're pretty scattered and "both" depths are holding fish at times. When in doubt I'd go with the first law of Pass: Full sink. Oh, and keep track of the swallows...whenever they get busy join them. Hope that's a start...have fun!

Sunday sounds good Steve, let's keep in touch.

Tim, thanks for the intel, glad you didn't say the "C" word...might we see you there?
I'm in if I can work it out. Would be good to cross paths, plus I don't think I've met Steve...probably seen him a few times without knowing.
Roper, I fished Pass last Sunday and it was fairly slow for me in the morning. I got one 18" bow off the point, and LDR'd another about the same size. Both fish on a brown bugger.

I'd be up 'cept I be heading to the dry side. Have a good trip.

If I can arrange a babysitter I may just make my way up there on Sunday. Haven't fished Pass before and have been itchin to give it a shot.
I'd love to give it a whirl on Sunday but despite the Father's Day arrival I probably can't get the fishing pass.
Shit, forgot it was Father's day. Not sure that I can justify ditching the tot. He has been pretty excited to spend Father's day with me all week.
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