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Pass lake is not the best place to learn to flyfish. My grandparents live across the street from the lake and I have been fishing it for around 20 years. However, If you go, make it an evening trip. Pass fishes much better in the evening. If your really serious about you're fishing, bring a headlamp, flashlight, etc. and fish really late at night. The summers can be awesome for fishing big browns past midnight. Hope for a full moon too. This lake has plenty of pressure too, but most people stay in the bay closest to the boat launch. If I was to go, I would row strait out from the boat launch to the far end of the lake and fish from about 5 p.m. to at least 11p.m. Now back to this lake being a hard lake to fish. I've thought I had this lake wired so many times only to return to find all my conclusions about what to use don't work anymore. I,ve had days up at pass that were pure magic, you just couldn't believe how many huge bows and browns you could catch. And then the next time you go, you sit out there for hours with nothing. It's tough, but I always go back hoping for the best. I've fould the fall to be the best time of year. good luck. :THUMBSUP
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