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Went to Pass yesterday to check up on the late summer minnow hatch/algae bloom. Both are on track. The trout are herding the minnows to shore and slashing through them like mini orcas.
I was throwing a #10/#8 crystal bunny bugger towards the reeds and trolling it along the shore as well. I started out with the #10 and switched to the #8 as the sun set.
By far the best day at Pass this season. In just a few short hours I landed three browns and two 'bows 18"-20" and a couple of 10"-12" bows. I missed as many strikes while trolling. Rowing slows down my reaction time.
They seemed to like it fast. If you are trolling from a tube consider stripping the fly in as you kick. After you bring it in cast to shore, kick, and strip, sort of a stillwater version of a wet fly swing.
If you get a chance to and want a break from the salt put in at Pass Lake and toss around a streamer/bugger pattern. Let me know what works for you.

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That is a good day on Pass! Thanks for the info. I was there last Saturday and can confirm the slashing in the shallows. Unfortunately, I didn't have any minnow imitations. I will now! I was told that they planted some of the little guys about 3 weeks ago, perhaps most of these were your missed strikes.
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