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To cast a sinking line it is best to use a roll cast to bring the fly line out of the water before going into a normal back cast. If you try to start a cast with the sinking line still in the water, you risk doing damage to the rod on the back cast. Beside with the line still in the water it is very difficult to get any type of clean back cast. You can also just start to cast the line as normal with a floating line if you have brought the flyline all the way in on the retrieve. One other thing when learning to cast a sinking line it is a good idea to wear sunglasses and a hat for your protection. It takes a little more learning to cast a sinking line as compared to a floating line. That is why fly casting classes always start with floating lines, this also is for the instructors protection from wild cast. While you do not have to cast a sinking line when fishing from some type of floating device. Itd handy if you have fish cruising the shoreline you can cast toward the bank an using a slow retrieve pull it thru their path without you trolling through yourself and maybe spooking them. This is a good tatic for brown trout in the evening, cast around fallen trees and other structure for best results. A leech patern works great for that. I have used this tatic with good results on Lakes when there is no hatch on.
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