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If you look at the history of Pass Lake, the old timers favorite fly was the Pink Lady, wet and dry.These were successful because of the callibeatis hatches so common on the lake. Steve Raymond, in his book "Year of the Angler" has some great passages on Pass Lake and the dry fly. I asked him years ago if he still fished Pass, and he replied that he "didn't much anymore, that the lake had changed."
Scuds were said to be in the lake prior to a rotenone treatment in the late '70's, I think. Personally, I have never seen scuds in the lake. I'm pretty sure that the large population of fathead minnows and midge hatches are the staple diet of Pass Lake trout. These make up the majority of the trouts diet. Throw in some dragons, damsels, crawfish,backswimmers, a few mayflies, and you have big trout.
I think, in hindsight, what Raymond said, was that the fish did not rise to the dry as readily. But when he fished the lake, the chironomid fishing so common now was unheard of here. I see trout feeding on the surface everywhere on the lake most evenings.But hooking them.....
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