Doing some pre-spring cleaning. Over the past couple years I've found that I've gravitated to just using an older version of the Stormfront backpack for all my wading and boat fishing. All bags stored in my dry garage since purchase.

Patagonia Stormfront lumbar pack (circa ~2018): never used. Has the accompanying shoulder strap plus 2 rod straps. $150 + shipping

Patagonia Stormfront backpack (circa ~2014): Zipper in excellent shape and still waterproof. $200 + shipping

Patagonia Guidewater duffel (circa ~2017): Shoulder strap and 2 rod straps included. Main zipper in excellent shape and still waterproof. $175 + shipping.

Please message me if you'd like any more specific photos. Payment via PayPal, Venmo, cashiers check, USPS money order, or if locally in Eugene, then cash is an option. Shipping exact $ to the best of my ability. I'll default to ship via USPS. But if you'd prefer UPS or Fedex, then make that clear in your message. I'll message you a total (bag + shipping), so don't pay until then.