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Pats Rubber Legs. Uv

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Hey everyone,

Last winter I spent a ton of time fishing the deschutes and specifically a variation of the pats stone using a UV rubber leg material. The folks at deschutes angler could not tell me the specific material or brand so I thought I'd ask my fellow anglers. Anyone seen these and know what it is?

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Looks like a "flex-floss", "span flex", or more specifically...Larva Lace's Super Floss-in an "olive".

I have Rusty Olive, Caddis Green, Amber, and Bonefish Tan....for an assortment of "fishy looking" colors.

I use it as a primary rib, when I use a second and/or third rib of wire and/or peacock herl.

PS...re-read, if it's a UV rubber leg, most likely a Spirit River product.
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