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These pictures were taken on Monday, 5/11 in the ship canal across the street from Seattle Pacific University. The pictures hardly give justice to how many fish were actually there. There were thousands of these little guys. You could see schools of them in deeper water, but most of the were in less than a foot of water right on the beach.

Peamouth are a native species that typically grow to a maximum of 12"-14". They typically eat small insects, mostly midges and usually do not eat salmon or trout fry. They provide little in the way of a sport fishery though several sources of info mentioned that kids can have fun catching them. As far as edibility - people do eat them and report that they are tasty. Some research shows that Peamouth have a tendency to concentrate contaminants more so than other fish.

I have worked in an office overlooking the ship canal for the last 5 years and have never seen anything like this. The fish were there all day on Monday and have not been back since.

Kind of a neat sight to see - thought you all would be interested.

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