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Queets and lower Bogi is fishing good. Spent 3 days on the peninsula, hooked 9 and landed 5. Most of the queets fish seemed to be summer runs. Not alot of color but just enough to tell they were't fresh winter fish headed for the salmon. Last fish of the day was a nice 17# buck. 2 from the bogi were fresh, maybe a week old.

Summer run natives pushing up this time of year? The queets has been drastically low all summer up to about a week 1/2 ago where it pushed 60 thousand cfs. could it be that these summer fish schooled at the mouth in august for three months before they started pushing up?

At the boat launch I heard offhand 10 boats and 15 native summer run that were caught and released by drift fishermen.

I would suspect that most of these fish were down rivers, but they were old dumb and full of cumm and eggs.

To dark to be salmon river fish. Makes me wonder about how the drought conditions have affected peninsula fish in some drainages.
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