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PETA's new campaign is.... what?

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So apparently we fisherman are compensating for being poorly endowed, or something.

I guess I should be be glad PETA has no real argument against fishing, so resorts to calling fish sea kittens, and claiming fishermen have small "rods".

The PETA site- http://doanglershavesmallrods.com/default.asp

Noticed it originally at moldychum
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I saw that on the chum and thought the same thing.
The only problem I have peta is a can't eat it all
in one sitting...doggy bag prehaps?
Do they have anything against eating
bugs? The average American eats over
5 pounds of bugs a year.

Where is the outrage?

Save the Bugs!
So great, I saw it on the chum also. Praying on penile insecurities.....priceless. The real joke will be to see who stops fishing now. Hahaha.
Hahaha!!!! I didn't even need to play the video! "I was in the pool!!!!"
I wonder what they think about spey rods then??? HA!
Topwater, as crappy as I am feeling right now, that got a vocal laugh from me. Well done sir, and thanks.
Here's a link to file away for future reference:

Alright. Anyone with a small PETA post after me.
I don't think they know what they are talking about. I took the test and gained 4 inches while doing so. Wahooo, I see a hook in my future.
I think it's funny that if you own two or more power tools, you are overcompensating as well. Let's see, if I get rid of my drill, saw and sander, that leaves me having to do things around the house 'man'ually... Which is way more manly if you ask me... Wait, does that mean I'm now trying to overcompensate for my overcompensations? Screw it, I just won't use any tools and go fishing instead...
PETA is something that I pay no attention to. Just a bunch of assholes trying to make a name for themselves.
Wahooo, I see a hooker in my future.
The good thing about PETA is that they discredit themselves.

Sure, they may pick up a few lunatics along their way, but the average person with an opposable thumb and the ability to apply a modest degree of reason to a situation doesn't pay PETA any serious attention. I'm kinda glad they're around just for pure comic amusement.
carrots have feelings too!
Just think of all the vegetables that had to die just so you could eat that salad
I wonder what their analysis of a hunter using a 300 Winchester Magnum would be. :rofl:
Someone should try to convince PETA to launch a "save the sand shrimp" campaign.
Last October I was doing some fishing near Tonasket. I pulled into a gas station to grab some things. On my way in, I noticed a large group of neo-hippies giving me the hard stare from across the parking lot. I didn't really think much of it until I went to put pop & ice in the cooler. I heard one say, "Maybe if we all stare really angrily at him, he'll know he's not wanted and just leave." I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I turned and had a little stare down with them. I didn't even know why, just figured they were too stoned or something. As we were leaving, my friend who waited in the truck told me those guys' were talking shit about my pontoon boats and my fishing stickers. It dawned on me then, only because I had just read about PETA's new campaign in a fly-fishing magazine. Those dread-locked idiots in the parking lot MUST have been PETAtards.
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