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Petitjean Magic Tool clip

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I want a Petitjean Magic Tool clip. I think I only need one. I don't want to have to pay $40 for a glorified binder clip. Has anyone made an equivalent tool themselves? Failing that, is there a source to just buy a clip, and not a whole set of umpteen sizes?

Does anyone use the stacker? What's that for? (yes, I'm being lazy and not searching, just asking)
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bulldog clip from walmart

magic tool stacker

watch the movie

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Stonfo makes a Dubbing Loop Clip that you might look at. Cost is $17 and comes in set containing either two small clips or two large clips.

I have the Petitjean clips so can't comment on how close the Stonfo product is in function. Haven't used the stacker but have read a bit on it; the primary function is to group fibers in bunches, though it supposedly has other uses.

Bulldog clips might work for you, and you'll save good money. Just don't expect them to work exactly as the magic tool.
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