$30 picked up in Puyallup or $30 plus exact shipping.

Here's a really cool reel that you could fish, but I think it would be much better to put it on display. The is a Pflueger Pakron 3178 (USA made). These were made for deep water lake trolling. They would be used with lead line to keep lures deep for salmon. This thing is heavy at 23 ounces. You could even use it as a boat anchor, a hammer, etc.

This reel is far from perfect, but given the age, it's in decent shape. It has some blemishes as seen in photos. The biggest con would be the patina, oxidation, and rust spots. These could certainly be addressed if desired. I feel like this would look really cool on display as is. The drag still functions and you could fish this reel if desired. The screw that secures the drag knob is missing, but I am sure one could be sourced at a hardware store.