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Pike Takes

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I was watching some Tiger Muskie video as I hope to cross that species off my bucket list this summer.
I happened upon this Pike take video. Though not flies, I really like the slow motion shots of them attacking and inhaling the lures.

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That is a great one - I love how they just try and crush both lures at once!! The only other good video I've seen on fish takes is this one - Not Pike/Musky but still badass:

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I like the two-fers.

sweet videos...
I love the v wake when a big pike is coming to crush your fly

Fishing pike Muskie going on 30 years now

One of my favs
Funny how they so often grabbed it then spit it out.

It's like they're saying "Hey, this isn't a real piece of chicken, it's only a McNugget!"

Nice vid Brian. Thanks!
Summer pike are great for following your fly with a v wake, or seeing the reeds move or just exploding onto your fly and also taking off out the water after, not steelheadesque but they open their mouth and flare their gills so you see the red very cool. I used to fly dredge for them in the winter in Scotland, everything just locks up tight and then the bottom would start to move....almost like a big brown except the browns would just keep going and going, caught the odd one as bye catch :D

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