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Pilchuck River Road, Gated?

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Is the road that runs along the north side of the Pilchuck River gated? It goes from granite falls all the way along the north side of Spada Lake. I was planning on driving out there to check, but it would save me some time if somebody could just tell me.

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It's been gated for many years now. Are you new or something. Too many people dumping their garbage up in there. I have driven that road and there are many beaver ponds up in there, and a few out of the way lakes. But alas the small streams don't hold any fish of any size.

Damn, that was gonna make it a lot easier to get into some lakes I wanna go to. I figured it was gated, seems to be the trend
At one time you could drive up many of them back roads. But the dumping of Garbage stopped all of that. You can try Scotty road. It's a little south of Granite Falls off of the Menzel lake road. But since I haven't been in Washington for four years I'm not even sure about that either.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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