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i grew up in snohomish, and fished the pilchuck from 5th grade through the first few years after bodlt. a friend once hooked a 12# buck under the dubuque bridge, and chased that fish close to 400 yards down stream, many times coming close to being spooled. fortunately he had waders. i once saw 3 guys, each fighting a fish, all in the same 100 yard stretch of river. used to be some really nice cutts in feb. many times i hooked 10-20# steelhead while drifting nightcrawlers for cutts, using a 6' spinning rod and 8# line. once while fishing for cutts, i caught 5 fish for 5 cast, the first 3 were smolts, the 4th a 16" cutt, and the 5th a 15-18# steelhead. that steelie walked all over the place, then bolted for the tailout, turned it the first time, remember seeing it spin in the current above the rapid the second time and hearing the snap of the line... once saw a 50-60# king laying next to the bank in about 3' of water, black as a lost soul. hooked one of similar size once, on a nightcrawler, with the trout rod. in a word, relentless, and gone a minute later. some older gents told me the pil had a run of silvers thick enough to walk on in bygone days. often saw remnants of that run during nov-dec while trapping and fishing. these gents remembered when the limit was 6 steelhead a day, and the fellow who told me this said that the day before he left for ww2, he caught a double limit, to see if he could do it, and because he though he may never come back to fish again. "besides", he said, "they couldn't arrest me, i was shipping out the next morning". he said that a 20# fish was common place, not a big deal. the locals would have to watch for out of towners following them to their fishing holes. the limit on ducks was 25 a day, he, his dad and brothers would shoot so many, mainly mallards, that he said the ducks covered the kitchen floor to the point that you couldn't see the floor itself! great memories on a great little stream. have fun.
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