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Tough lake to fly-fish...the fish are well trained to seek out powerbait. I have yet to perfect my rainbow powerbait look-a-like fly.

met some pwr'baiters doing extremely well for triploids in the neck of the bay to the left of the launch...Next time out there i might try anchoring up and using some flashy patterns under an indicator and drink a lot of beer. Other than that, trolling an olive wooley is pretty much the drill there.

I think the lake is pretty much fished out for trout by July...too many full stringers there.

Other than being close, i kinda hat the place as the gear chuckers have pretty much ruined the fly fishin opp's there.

Try Beaver Lk (3 small lakes) to the east a mile or so. They don't stock it like they do Pine, but it's more peaceful ....

Or...you can keep haulin in the small mouths, that sounds like good fun to me!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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