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Plan D Boat Box!

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The guys over at Plan D come through with another box that we've received a number of requests for and here it is; The Plan D Boat Box! Both pages and each end come with a row of 14 hooks and slots for your articulated goodies for a grand total of 56 flies! A drying patch rounds out a killer box and a piece of kit that
For you tube fly aficionados, fear not! The tube fly version is in the works and on the way.
For a limited time if you buy 2, we'll ship those TWO boxes free in CONUS. $69.99 each.

Light Gadget Gas Audio equipment Electronic device
Shelf Gadget Gas Audio equipment Automotive exterior
Purple Wood Violet Table Gas
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Just edited the original post. $69.99 per box.
crap! Just when I thought the box I had was good enough, have come with a good reason to get this one past the wife!:)
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