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PNP (Blues) Report

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Fished the flood at PNP yesterday morning 'til high tide. Arrived at 7:30am and was pleasantly surprised to see only one other fisherman (gear guy) on the beach. I set up well away from him on the south end of the point and proceeded to have a great time swinging a fly through the rip all morning. Saw several LARGE coho way out in the channel, but nothing close to the beach. Around 9:45 another gear guy shows up, plunks down his bait box, ties on a friggin' car bumper of a lure, walks to within FIVE FEET of me and starts casting. WTF??? After he casts over my line for the third time, I move off down the beach to get some breathing room. Next thing I know this knucklehead is into a solid 8-10lb fish which he promptly beaches, bonks, and heads back to his truck. I never saw another fish all day. As he drove off I was working hard to keep positive thoughts in my head...
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Positive in what way?
what was the gear guy using, a pink hoochie rig?
It looked like a great big silver flatfish lure. The one other guy who was on the beach all morning was tossing a cut plug hearing. I was throwing various sandlance, herring and baitfish patterns. looks like the guy's flatfish carried the day.
Most of the gear guys I've met up at PNP are
very aware of FFishers and are willing to share
any info if asked. It can be a shoulder to shoulder fishing
area (when there are fish) but as a rule no big deal.
It still sounds like fishing sucks. Maybe next year....

Likely not a flatfish the guy was throwing but a Brad's Super Cut Bait.
As Go Fish mentioned, there are some super cool gear fisherman that fish there every day. They know the drill in regards to crowding people and are a great resource for info on how fishing is.
The guy you ran into isn't one of the regulars.
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