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While driving home from the wild goose chase to the Crooked River, I let my mind wander everywhere since there was nothing else to do. So I got this bright idea:: how about everyone carry a police whistle to identify other members of the site?
For example, you blow the whistle to alert everyone that a member of this site is fishing in the area. Now, anyone from the site hearing this can simply move to where you are fishing and say hello or he can blow his whistle and you will realize that your call has been answered.
Whistles cost little, don't take up much space, little weight, and are a good safety device. If you have any emergency, keep blowing three blasts with a little wait in between. Whistle carry much further than screams and have a little more dignity.
In bear country, blow the whistle every now and again and you might avoid a nasty confrontation with big brown. It could thus save your life. Don't forget that frequent blowing can piss everybody off if you feel the need to do so.
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