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Pontoon Anchors

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Hello, I am new to the board and appreciate all I have read so far. I am trying to figure out my anchors this year and just cannot seem to figure out the chain anchor...as simple as it seems. Does anyone have any pics of their setup or any other suggestions for small rivers and medium size lakes? How much weight? etc... By the way, I have a Fish Cat Panther and my son has a Fish Cat Cougar. If this is a repeat of any area, could someone point me to the thread. Thanks
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12# for lakes in my pontoon also use 2 8# for my pram
OHJoe, I have a fishcat panther. I have a 12# mushroom anchor that I use in lakes. I believe that I likely could get away with an 8#. I have a 4# round ball that I use in my float tube as an anchor but when I want to have a second anchor to keep from swinging during chironomid fishing I'll bring that 4# ball. I pass the parachute / camp cord through the front d ring of one side and will drop the mushroom then the ball to give me two anchors and more stability. In the river I switch the 12# mushroom out for a 12# pyramid and so far it has held me in slow flowing water and of course once banked on the shore or gravel bar that anchor does well to keep the boat tended while I fish. Nice boat, really cool low profile design that takes do it yourself mods well. Enjoy...and welcome!
Here is one way to build a chain anchor, it is a pre-determined weight. Or you can just run the anchor rope through the end of the chain links and tie a bowline knot to secure them. Then if you want to add or remove weight all you have to do is untie your knot make the adjustment in links and re-tie the knot. SS
I just bought the 8lb version of one of these for my Outlaw Rampage on stillwaters. I am hoping it combines the advantages of a mushroom anchor and a grapnel anchor. Also, I needed something that will be kind to the boat when it is hanging from the anchor davit and swinging. Hope my theory works out.

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Michael your anchor should work just fine. I've been using pryamid style anchors in lakes and have not been disappointed.
Michael your anchor should work just fine. I've been using pryamid style anchors in lakes and have not been disappointed.
I use an 8# mushroom and a 6# pyramid on my pram and they both work well. I figure the Outlaw is probably easier to hold than the pram (less drag). BTW, I mostly fish at Baum Lake, which isn't really a lake.... Hat Creek and Rising River and Crystal Lake all dump into it and it goes out through a powerhouse to become the fabled Hat Creek wild trout section.

I know I said "stillwaters" in my post above, but Baum is really more like a spring creek, with constant current, so it's somewhat more demanding on your anchor than straight up stillwater lakes.
I've got a south fork. I use a 4 lb downrigger ball on about 12 inches of chain. It holds fine in lakes. I don't anchor my pontoon in moving water, I pull over to the side. 12 lbs anchor a 14' rowboat really nice.
How much rope do you guys have for your anchors?
I use 50' of 1/4" line. I generally fish in fairly shallow waters.
You guys are Fantastic! I really appreciate the replys...I kinda thought it was that simple but not too sure. I am not real sure which way to go yet and keep seeing that anchoring in moving water seems to be frowned upon. I am thinking just anchoring in slow areas of moving water when I want to stay a while and dont want to keep using fins for a long period of time ( I still dont own fins but will be purchasing for this year too.) Thanks again to all.
I just purchased this anchor for both pontoons - went with the 12 lb. due to recommendations even though I was thinking hard on the 15. Now I am trying to decide on the rope length and material ( Im leaning towards 50 ft.)
My fishing buddy gave me wise advice on anchoring in moving water. NEVER anchor in a location unless you can stand up safely on the river bottom. I had never thought about the issue in that way. I have followed this advice ever since.
I use 3 pieces of heavy logging chain 3 feet long, each section is wrapped in duct tape. You tie a carbarina clip on your anchor rope and attach pieces of chain as needed. One , two or all three pieces. Always keep a sharp knife handy and use a long lead, not a short lead for your anchor. A short lead in fasst rising water can turn your pontoon over.

Good luck !

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