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Pontoon float fishing

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Been thinking about hitting the Yak in my pontton. I've never fished with my pontoon on moving water before and would like to know a few things. First, is the river technical in terms of rowing? I've white water rafted the white salmon before but that is the extent of my experience as far as paddling technique. Can a beginner float this river with relatively little experience? Also, what things should I bring along for the float aside from fly rod and flies and a PFD. Should I equip my toon with an anchor or a wind sock? Should I somehow attach my flyrod to me in case it falls in the water? Any recommendations on shuttle services?
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thanks. fins sound like a great idea. would love to fish while on the move. how much to pay for shuttle services?
Thanks for that info on the anchor. I thought about it and figured it would pose a few issues. I'm guessing i wont put in at ringer because a couple of people told me there are some technical spots I may have to be aware of and I just want to avoid that being my first time out. Maybe put in a little further down stream. I'm also gonna stop by Avid Anglers to buy some fins and get some more advice.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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