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Pontoons trailer rod reeels pictures new prices

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Pontoons boats rod reel supdated

1 New Skykomish standard package with seat swivel and oar holders

1 New Skykomish with 10' Maxom white water grade tubes with seat swivel and oar holders $1100
The pontoons are in the box and when this pollen leaves I put them together and take pictures

1 Bass Pro Shop Prowler 50 lb. thrust trolling motor (New) $175

South Bend 9' 3wt bamboo cut down to 6' and refinished with 2 tips and alum tube $250

Loomis IMX 2 pcs 3wt 8' w/rod tube $195

St Croix Legend 6wt SW 9' Salt Water fighting Butt and guides with rod tube $225

New TFO Pro 4pcs 7wt 10' with rod sock plastic still on handle and fighting butt $110

Ross Canyon 2 5wt line leader backing $275

New Redington AS ¾ reel with Cortland 4wt fly line $100

Ross Canyon 3 6wt line leader backing T U $275
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Did you make the PHWFF case? I can buy them directly from TFO, but may be interested in just the PHWFF rod and case itself if you wanted to sell it that way. Doesn't look like one of the PHWFF reels. May be wrong. What did you want just for rod and case?
This is a special package that TFO made just for the Project Healing Waters members and training. I wouldn't want to separate it.


It doesn't look like the PHWFF reel? Was it something someone at your local group made up? Haven't seen anything like that on the national level. When we got all of our PHWFF rods, they came with a digicam PHWFF rod tube. But not one with reel case. Ok, I'll just pickup the combo directly through my rep. Thanks. :)
No it came direct from TFO this is not a retail unit
Project Healing Waters, that is a Veterans Admin. project? Where can I find out more about this?
I'm a vet.
I'm a member & past chaplain/commander of Dyer VFW Post 6448,
and am also a member of Turner's Tankers, (the only US Armor unit {Co F 40th Armor "Patton", Berlin Brigade} to serve behind the Russian Iron Curtain).
Fishing, it's a relaxing passion that fuels my life.
Project Healing Waters has a website and go to You Tube and type in Project Healing Waters

Brock, I'm one of the founding guys for PHWFF here in WA state about 4 years ago when they came into our grassroots organization at Madigan Military Hospital and moved us to the WTU (I got into our grassroots program a bit after we started it up as a Red Cross unit). Those units from TFO are the same as the retail. We got our supply too from PHWFF, just never saw any like yours with a reel and that particular case, why I asked. I can either get them from PHWFF or directly from TFO (my Rainy's rep for my design work for them is the same guy who's the TFO rep in the NW). Same rods either way.

Go directly to the PHWFF site. http://www.projecthealingwaters.org It will show your regional admin. They can lead you to your nearest unit. Some people will only have a VA to deal with, some have WTU's like mine. Just depends on your area. Friend of mine from Colorado only deals with veterans, doesn't get the fresh crop of soldiers like I do. But we have both a VA and a WTU right near each other. Heavy with bases here in Washington, so we have PHWFF groups springing up. If you're on Facebook, I started and run the national PHWFF group on there (David Folkerts is one of the admins with me).
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