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Last fall, I had the holy beejangers scared out of me on the Bogachiel. Really low water. Each rapid was a nightmare in this skinny water because the drops were sharp and the rocks were everwhere.
My boat was an Outcast 8' (about $400 from Cabelas if my memory serves me). I was socked so hard and so often I was wishing for the mouthpiece I had when I played football (linebacker). It would not have surprised me if the tubing (welded steel) broke into a thousand pieces because I almost did. Boat still in great shape.
One caution: if you weigh more than two hundred, you should consider a 10' model. Yea, it weighs more and yea, it is heavier and more costly. But you want to float safely at all costs, especially if you add an electric motor and a battery (this is just too slick). Remeber, pontooons take a lot of effort to go a mile; they don't row like a boat..
P.S. If anyone is reading this and has a 10' model anything and you might want to trade down to an 8' Outcast with a very handsome mahogony transom for an electric motor and battery, give me an e-mail. I'm one of the suckers that is born every minute. You can probably scam me for nothing.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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