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Pre 1998 Ross Flywater 3 Interchangeable With Cimarron?

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Any old Ross reel experts out there? My workhorse Ross Flywater 3 (pre 1998 I believe) suffered a glorious death after a few too many frisky basin lakes rainbows yesterday. I still have 4 spools and would love to find a replacement reel, but the old Flywater 3s are really rare. Does anyone know if these spools interchange with the pre 1998 Ross Cimarrons? They look very similar to my eye. thanks for any help, Ron


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@para_adams. I might have a replacement reel for ya, if that would help.
I didn't think they made a flywater that early. Pre 1998 you would be looking at a cimmaron or a gunnison. They are not compatible at any rate.
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