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Having read the post on Piscatorial Pursuits, I can't see what the big concern is. The access road to the hatchery area on the Green River apparently crosses Weyerhaueser property and has been closed to the public because of high fire hazard, a not uncommon situation in western Washington at this time of the year. A similar situation has occurred on the access road to Ebey Lake. The road crosses private property to get to the DNR lands where Ebey Lake lies. The property owners along the road have gated it and have posted it no trespassing. The DNR has an easement, but the terms apparently state that it is only for the purpose of logging and the removal of logs.

The major difference is that Weyehaeuser will, in all likelihood, re-open the road when we get a little rain. The property owners on the Ebey Lake road have no intention of allowing any kind of public access on "their" road. In that case the only solution seems to be to find a way to get to the lake that doesn't make use of the road (which, by the way, was used as a public thoroughfare for at least forty years that I know of until it was gated about three years ago).

Sorry to get a little off-topic but Ebey lake is a fly-fishing-only lake that has a self-sustaining population of coastal cutthroat and we certainly don't have enough quality fly-only lakes in western Washington to give one up
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