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Hit the Queets on Saturday morning about 6:30 AM. Driving in we saw a giant heard of Elk sprinting across the road - dozens of them. Great way to start the day. We were looking for the elusive unicorns in the river but didn't see or feel any. The water was swarming with SR Cutthroats and so we managed to pull some of those guys in. Lots of surface action (CTs), but i was not able to hook up with any using dries. They took a stone and prince nymph. Steel wise i swung and nymphed - stones were all over on the rocks. But like i said, couldn't see or find any chromers where we fished. Anyone had any better luck out there? By 11 AM I had to hit the ocean and go for a swim; the sun was beating down and we were cookin.

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Killer photo.
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