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I believe that Rio makes the best lines out there. Their versi-tip system is a required piece of equipment in my book.

As for overlining, some rods don't load as quickly unless they have the added weight of a line size larger. (Or at least that was the argument a number of years ago.) However, a fast rod throwing a heavier line will act slow the action of that rod down, and vice versa. I think it becomes more personal choice than anything. I fish mostly Loomis GLX 7 weight rods and match them with 7 weight Rio lines.

I prefer the loops on the Rio's better than the airflow. Rio now includes a type 8, type 6, type 3, intermediate and a floating tip with each versi-tip system. You've definitely got most conditions met with this. I think I just paid $115.00 for the line but have been using them for about 5 years now and love 'em.

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