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Do you mean only fly guys Bob?

Was reading your post, and you said anybody? Well, for fly fishing, it's possible, and have landed a very select few on high water. But usually when the water is high and muddy, I pull out my plunking gear and bait. I've had tons of luck using my conventional gear. But you have to fish in the soft seams, stay out of the channel which is normally running hard and fast. I use super huge gawdy flies in super bright color. But as I said, that's only occasionally. Normally it's when I planned to flyfish (before internet graph days) and only brought fly gear. I rarely just pack up and go home. I hit a slot for at least a couple hours.

Say it this way. Last year I caught a 22# hatchery buck on the OP when the river was about to crest. Super muddy and I was only one fishing (besides my girlfriend and my 2 kids). Landed 4 fish that day. Not bad for a day when everyone went home.
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