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Question on Rio Scandi Short VersiTip

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I finally have my first two hand outfit fully dialed and now have myself thoroughly confused. As the title suggests, I will be using the rio scandi versi-tip system to start and I'm confused on leader and tippet usage with the tip system. Is one supposed to attach a standard rod length poly leader to the tip and then tippet to the leader or does the tip act as a leader and Tippett attached directly to tip?

Probably a stupid question...so please be gentle
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Line to tip to 3 to 8 feet of tippet. I don't use a leader with mine but I am using it on a 5116 , the extra 3 ft can make it tough Sometimes if using floating tip I will use a 9 ft leader to help turn flies over but mostly I run 8lbs floro in summer
For the intermediate and sinking tips I like to use 2-4ft of straight tippet, you don't want to go longer as it defeats the purpose of the sink tip (the fly will swim shallower than the tip). For the floating tip I use a 9ft tapered leader with some tippet attached. You can use a poly/versileader on that line if you want, but it's not necessary. If you have a long rod a poly/versileader can make touch and go casts easier.
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Thanks guys. I took it out for a spin yesterday and you guys confirmed my suspicions. I had a leader and tippet and it seemed like too much. One more question do you throw a loop knot on your tippet to make the connection to the tip?
This line is just a skagit length head with a finer taper. Don't overthink it.

It's all in how you fish it. If you treat it like a Skagit then just add a few ft of tippet, or if you're using touch n go casts add a poly leader.
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