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It's Friday morning, wife is out of town, and I ain't got shit to do. What else, but to hop in the truck and pay a visit to my favorite small stream?

I set out down the highway with the intent of exploring some new spots. Other than some wind, it was a beautiful day.

An hour later I'm parked next to a bridge getting ready to cool my heels in the creek. Nobody here but me and a few of the colorful locals.

I brought my wife's new CGR glass 3wt today. Shhh, don't tell her.

I suspect the fish are well fed in this place. Most of the rocks on the river bottom looked like this.

Lots of nice places for small rainbows to call home. Nice place for me to get away from the world for a bit, too.

Always fun to put a bend in the rod.

All day long.

Six hours on the water without seeing another human being, but sharing the water with a deer, a variety of birds, a pair of minks, and countless trout. Before I headed for home, I stopped in on a brewery for a frosty beverage and some nachos to cap the day.

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