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Quick MA 9 Report

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Two little fish
Zero big fish
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I've been out to the popular point twice in the last week with the same results. I did see a bait chucker hook into a larger fish but lost it before getting it in. Maybe next week the fun will start!
I saw 3 Kings today, one jumped within 20 yards of me while I was busy tying a fly on, the next when came 2 casts into a nice looking tide rip and the third was kind of a side glance in which I saw the dorsal fin and tail as it slid back in....no fish, no pulls, lots of freshly tied flies, a sore wrist (on the non-casting hand) and on an up note I did see my friend catch a small silver fins intact. But other than that the only surface activity was a few gulls early in the AM and some slashers chasing baitfish about 50 feet further than where I can cast too. I wanna see more activity for the $29.77 I spent on the ferry to get over there!! Good things no flotsum, my friend catching a fish and my hall pass which has now expired!
Its kinda hard fishing the point when there are 10 billion baitfish all around you.....
I fished an east side MA-9 beach this morning and it looked very fishy out there with the tide and cloud cover. In the back of my mind I was thinking this is a perfect morning to lock horns with an adult chinook cruising the exposed drop-off. Unfortunately the beach I visited had zero bait in close, not one sandlance! Lots of dungenous crab at my feet, but all just under 6.25"(bummer). I fished anyway as a nice current formed: landed a 17" blackmouth (that fought pretty hard) and two 13" resident silvers. One very nice 6 pound tight scaled, unclipped migratory silver was beached by a kid tossing a buzz bomb. It was nice to see, and apparently one of the first the local anglers have seen. It's pretty clear that the summer 2-7 pound rezzies are sparse this year, so I hope the big boys cruise the beaches as the summer rolls into fall.
Solid work Stonefish and don't despair since next year the humpies will be pushing through and you will be slamming em'.
I fished South Whidbey state parkt this morning as the low slack began to flood. Saw bait and a couple salmon on the surface outside casting range. Same story at Bush Pt., quiet.
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