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Fished the Middle Provo in Utah for a couple of days last week--slow fishing, but a few 12 - 14" browns came to hand. 2 on nymphs (sow bugs, other weird ones), 2 on black wooly buggers. Fun river, busy... Never saw so many thingamabobbers in one place. Trails worn into both the bank and the submerged river gravel.

Drove home via Salmon, ID, Bitterroot Valley, Hwy 12 W to Lewsiton. Beautiful drive if you've never done it. Salmon River in Salmon, ID, was blown and frothy brown. Bitterroot River was chocolate milk. The Lochsa was clear, but high, and full of rafters. Clearwater River definitely was not. Fun to see the Clearwater in such a state, after only seeing it the one time in late September.

I'll be back to the Snake drainage this fall!

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