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I have a Outdoor Discovery Craft 915 fishing Pontoon Boat for sale. It was used only once, bought 5 years ago and has been in storage since. Excellent shape. Asking $350. Anyone interested? Details below:

Frame – Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy duty, powder coated aluminum frame with padded rowing seat features 2 oarlock positions and adjustable foot bars to fit most size rowers. Width between oarlocks is 56” for powerful rowing.

Pontoons – 9 foot long, 15” diameter pontoons are 3 layer of construction heavy duty, 30 oz. PVC thermal welded outer cover, 420 denier nylon inner liner 30 gauge PVC bladders fitted with Boston valves. 4 cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to frame.

Oars and Oarlocks – 7 foot, 3 piece heavy duty oars, molded oar stops and heavy duty bronze oarlocks mount to nylon inserts in frame, for smooth rowing.

Cargo Pockets and Stripping Apron – 2 large, side cargo pockets for tackle storage and large stripping apron with raised edges for fly line control.

Cargo Deck, Motor Mount and Anchor System – Diamond plate aluminum cargo deck is strong enough to carry your load. Lift and Lock Anchor System for easy anchor use (anchor and anchor line not included). Motor mount suitable for electric trolling motors.

Rod Holder – Rod holder pins to frame for convenient rod storage or trolling

Two Way Pump – High volume two way pump complete with set of valve adapters.

Weight Capacity – 375 lbs. , Overall Weight – under 65 lbs. , Overall Size – 108” x 60”
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