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I always find patterns I could tie. That's why I have thousands in materials.

But this time of year finds me in a funk, especially when it rains or is going to rain. And, the days are grey. And, black--no stars. And, it's cold. Or, getting colder. And, it's wet. And, wetter. And, fishing regulations can't be put into a tome; I need internet access, too. And, I can't fish, and I paid my anti-depressant down payment on a worthless license. And, it takes an hour to get to the offramp a quarter mile ahead, to spend another half-hour looking for a public bathroom.

And, I wish I was near Sheridan--just cold. Sunny. Lots of stars. More cows than humans. I can open my car door and piss on the freeway centerline, at noon. And, I hear I need to pack a gun. Why? Are the cows going to attack me?

Maybe, I can chop off a tail for tying material. I'll call the pattern "Bovine Depression".
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