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I have next week off and have a rough plan set up for a fishing trip as wanted some input from our great forum members to make sure I am not blowing it.

Current plan is to take off head to Dillon fish the Beaverhead and Big Hole until we have had our fill and then either move up to Craig for a day or two on the MO or head the back way towards Missoula and fish the Bitteroot or other rivers near Missoula for a day or two?

Thinking things should still be pre-run off, but am watching the gauges. Plan on taking a hard drift boat with us.

Sound solid? What am I missing?


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I suggest the lower Skagit for bulls and perhaps a cutt unless it blows out. Which is a distinct possibility.
The Beaverhead is closed below the dam to Pipe Organ access. But you probably already know that. Also they haven't released any water year this year so you will probably be dragging your boat over some of the riffles.

The Big Hole is still a little high. Lots of boats floating it anyway.
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