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Recycle Question:

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I'm interested in having a rod built (to replace my very first RPL from years ago) and was wondering if reel seats can be re-used? Don't want to sound too stupid but I can't tell to what extent they're attached to the original blank...
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Silly question here, is your first broken and not repairable? If it is servicable but you are going to replace it why not recycle the whole rod to someone new to the game? Just wondering.
She's busted just above the cork handle... Happened years ago and I'm still mourning...
Reel seats can be recycled. I do it all the time with my bamboo rod experiments. All you need to do is ream out the material inside the tube with a rat-tail file. On thin graphite rods, this can be the tape used to build up the blank, a cork or plastic filler, or sometimes just epoxy. You need to be very careful reaming out a wood insert, as they crack or break easily. Take off a little bit of material at a time, and no jerking or yanking with pliers. If you break the wood, some manufacturers (e.g. Struble) sell wood inserts separately, while others (e.g. Bellinger) generally don't.

You can also recycle guides by stripping off the wraps with a razor blade. Tip-tops can usually be removed with a little heat, but may not fit the blank on your next rod.

wrap in a boiling bag and boi for a 1-2 minutes. Heat will break down the epoxy and it should slid right off.
I'd say you can probably get that rod fixed. Any competent rod builder could fix that with a spigot ferrule and, given the location of that break, you probably won't notice a thing.
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