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Redington Hydrogen 3116

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Picked up one of these rods last week; paired it with a Redington Rise in 5/6 size, and a 275gr Rio trout spey.

This thing is a sling shot. I fished it on a lake today from my Outcast stealth. What a gas to cast. 12.5' of T-8 was no problem for it. The 11' skagit head is great for casting sitting down. I'll be taking it to the yak and fishing streamers with it later this spring. Pretty sure this rig would make a great indicator stick too. I'll probably get a second spool and put a RIO single hand spey line in 6wt on it.

IMO at $350 this rod is a steal. Highly recommended. I could see myself picking up the 4 weight too.
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Glad you got the rod!

Yes, I have the Hydrogen 4116 and love it too!

Effortless casting all day long compared to my heavy 7 and 8 wt spey rods which I can go half a day...

Standard 23' skagit head, 30' scandi, and 12' OPST Commando all works well!

Taking her to fish for trout in the Willamette zone next month...
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