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Hello All,
I'm new to this forum, but have been a flyfisherman most of my life, and currently about 70% is done in saltwater. I have a question for those of you who have experience with the ML series from Redington. It was their 10th anniversary edition reel, only 10,000 were made, but Redington chose not to sell them because they felt that the drag washer was not large enough on each model. Stupid me did the ultimate no no, bought a pair of them on-line (and I'm not telling what I paid, though I think they were pretty cheap) before I really knew anything about them since they're not on Redington's website and no one was in the office yet that day. Come to find out after a chat with their Tech guy that the drag is indeed too small in his opinion, which is why the reels were sold at Orvis tent sales for liquidation. These reels are very pretty, the two I have are gold anodized 7/8 models that hold around 200 yards or more of 20-lb. backing as well as a full 8-wt. line. I bought these reels because I already own a pair of GD series which I'm quite happy with. So the question is this: anyone have any experiences, good or bad, that they'd care to share so I can figure out if these reels are better off going back on line? I really appreciate anyone's input. BTW, I'll be using these reels to do some "light" striper, bluefish, redfish, and snook fishing this summer.
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