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Redington RS2 Reels

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I would just like to know if anyone here knows of anybody that sells Redington Reels and spools here locally in the Puget Sound area or there abouts. I've tried looking everywhere online and around the Everett area and to no avail. Seems the only models I can find are the GD series(which I might buy next for the 5 wieghts) or the AL/AS series. I appreciate anyones help.
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Try GI joes sporting goods store. Theres one in Federal way, and on south hill in Puyallup. I have seen them in there. Good Luck!
GI Joes in Lynnwood may have them. Seems like I saw the AL and RS in there, but in the 5/6/7/8/ range. Call First.

Redington RS2 Reels Online?

They are all over E-bay.:thumb
Redington RS2 Reels Online?

>They are all over E-bay.:thumb

Available on ebay are discontinued reels from Orvis. There is no warranty and the spools are not interchangeable with the RS2's currently sold in stores.
Redington RS2 Reels Online?

Don't be too sure of the "No Warranty" claim, I have a few of these reels, and I've called the service # listed on the Redington website and got parts sent right out w/ no charge. As for the inter-changability, I do understand that they revised the bearing system (the weak point on the old series) on the newly released models, but have not seen one yet to compare the differances. I'm not sure how they were marking those orvis close-out reels either, I saw some w/ marks that went through the anodizing inside the frame in a picture on E-Bay, but I'm yet to find any marks on mine.:dunno
Redington RS2 Reels Online?

I don't know about the interchangeability, but Redingtons's website says they will warranty the closeout reels for a flat fee of $25.
Redington RS2 Reels Online?

They have sent a reel seat first, then a drag knob, both free of charge, no questions asked. The problems were from the reel being dropped(my fault), and didn't matter to them. If you need to send a reel in, it may be a differant story then.
Redington RS2 Reels Online?

>I don't know about the interchangeability, but Redingtons's
>website says they will warranty the closeout reels for a
>flat fee of $25.

I'll have to check out the $25 fee.

I have one of these reels and I took into to the shop the compare it to the newer RS2.
That's how I found out about incompatability between the old and new reels.
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