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Redington Skagit Boots

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My current boots are trashed and I'm trying to figure out what to get next. Anyone own some of these?

If so, what's your experience with them and your overall opinion? Reviews I've seen on Amazon are mostly positive but a few complain of the D anchors for the shoe strings breaking off soon.

My dutch side likes the price being a little more than I've spent in the past but half that of top end boots.

If anyone else is in the market, here's a review of my last pair, which was a set of $70 Frog Toggs that I purchased September 2015. Comfortable but they started to show wear at about 29 trips...about a third of which were in the salt. At about 40 trips the felt soles started falling off. Yesterday marked my 55th trip in these boots and one of my re-glued soles has come off and the mid sole on the other is ripping away from the boot.

I don't believe I'm exceptionally hard on my gear. I do, however, walk a lot and it's not uncommon for me to cover several miles of river bank during an outing. Plus I always soaked them in fresh water after the salt water trips.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas,

Mike d
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I have used them for the past two seasons, and have been happy with them. They are good boots for the price. I too had the d-loops fail after the first season. They finally kicked the bucket after at least 100 days of heavy use. I never washed them after using in the salt, which was often. Then I bought another pair. The new model is slightly updated and is more comfortable. Time will tell if they hold up.
Buying a replacement pair says a lot...


Mike d
Comfortable to wade in, but not very durable. I didn't have any problems with the D loops, but the rest of the boots kind of disintegrated after a little more than a year. I find all wading boots kind of suck, but I suppose we do ask a lot of them. Simms seem to last the longest, but they cost twice as much as Redingtons.
I've had a pair for a year and a half or so. I like them, but this summer some of the felt started coming loose. I've glued it back, and it seems okay now, but it's a bit disapointing.
Curious. How many outings have you gotten out of your Simms boots? I bit the bullet and picked up some G3 waders last year. Very impressed with the durability.

Now if only my ability to catch fish equalled the price of top end gear ;)
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I've had a pair for a year and a half or so. I like them, but this summer some of the felt started coming loose. I've glued it back, and it seems okay now, but it's a bit disapointing.
Hmmm....that does kinda suck

The test subject of this review being my young buck cousin, I can not only attest to the beating those particular boots have taken, but can vouch that among all the boots I've had over the years, my Simms are by far the toughest.
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Thought I'd throw out an update just in case anyone else is looking for wading boots. I have 9 trips in the Redington's which include at least 15 miles of bushwhacking and wading. So far I've blown out one D loop and the uppers are starting to deteriorate at the flexing creases.

That said, the felt is still holding up well, as is the overall support.

I'm just not sure they were worth twice the price of my last pair, which was a set of Frogg Toggs Hellbenders...just saying. The Hellbenders were absolutely trashed at 55 trips though...so I still have a ways to go.

The worst part is I don't have a fish like Ian's to show for it ;)
I steered clear of the Redington wading boots because of reviews in this forum regarding their durability. I have worn Patagonia River Wader studded felt boots for years, and they just won't quite die. The stitching was coming apart on one of them, but I took them to the local cobbler, and he stitched them back up. That was 3 years ago. I've bought a couple pair of Simms lowest priced line because they are also the lightest weight. They have worn quite well. They are comfortable (not as comfortable as the Patagonia) and look to be quite durable.
Good to know, my Orvis boots are starting to tear at the seams at some places but the felt are still great. I don't rinse them after the salt, by then these are from almost 10 years ago.
Next pair will still be felt, love how safe they feel.
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