Reduced prices on the Steelhead, Bonefish and Permit that are still available.

Steelhead + Extra Spool $300 shipped

Bonefish + Extra Spool - $300 shipped

Permit - $200 shipped

I’ll cover the PayPal fees for the reels above.

I'm listing my collection of Lamson Saltwater Series reels in the Steelhead, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon and Marlin models. These reels are difficult to find and especially in this condition. Each of these reels has been to bill Arculetta for complete service and new drag cork. The Saltwater Series was Lamson's answer to Abel at the time. These reels feature an incredibly smooth draw bar cork drag that will protect the finest tippet or stop a truck. If you want an unbiased opinion about this series, I encourage you to reach out to Bill Acrhuletta and ask for his thoughts on them. I promise you'll be convinced after that conversation. They're stout, built like tanks and make for a very fine two hander reel or on a single hand after saltwater game fish. I removed the Model name print from a few of the reel feet as I had them on two handers. Acetone removed it cleanly as they were printed on the anodized foot. I felt it cleaned the stealthy look up a bit. You'll also see the catalog pages and specs in the pics below. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking.

A couple thoughts on rod compatibility:

Steelhead - 7/8 wt Single Hand or Switch Rod
Bonefish - 8/9 wt Single Hand or 12'6" 5/6/7 Spey
Permit - 9/10 wt Single Hand or a 12'6"-13'6" 6/7/8 Spey
Tarpon - 10/11 wt Single Hand or 13'6"-14' 7/8/9 Spey
Marlin - 12/14 wt Single Hand or 15'-16' 8/9/10 Spey

Prices for the Reels (all prices include shipping and paypal CONUS)
Backing will stay on any reels where it is pictured. Running line and lines will be removed from the reels prior to shipping.

Steelhead & Extra Spool - $375
Bonefish & Extra Spool - $375
Permit - $275
Tarpon - $275
Marlin - $275

The reels are as follows in the pictures left to right - Steelhead, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Marlin

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