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Reel for Belize

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I'm headed to Belize. Fishing will not be the primary activity, but will go out with guide a day or two. Also plan to walk the beaches and see how I can do.

Neither of my two reels are ideal for saltwater, but I would love to get an opion on which of the two to take. Also if someone is in B'ham area and needing to unload a reel that would be better for the trip let me know (360-224-7021).

I'll be taking an 8# setup and I own two reels.
I have two reels: 1) Teton Tioga, and 2) Lampson Radius

Thoughts which of these reels to take?

Also if anyone has any advice for Caye Caulker (guides, spots, flies, ect) please share! Flying out sunday and looking forward to some sun!!


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if you wanna buy one specifically for saltwater, i recommend the cabela's xss reel, but only if you're on a budget like me lol. Mine has been awesome for boating 25lb redfish back down in florida. as for your two, i don't know much, but i'm sure other people will chime in.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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